PQG Approved Certification bodies

The following certification bodies are recognised by the PQG to audit and certify companies to PS 9000 and other standards (ISO 15378).

Additional information can be obtained from the PQG at Certification.

Click the name of the Approved Certification Body to visit their website.

The person named under “Initial Contact” is the individual who will provide details of the services available.

Should you have an issue regarding an audit by a Certification Body then you should contact the Certification Body and auditor concerned directly.

Initials Name Initial Contact
AJA AJA Registrars Ltd Khairul Bashar
BSI British Standards Institution – Management Systems Michael Davie
BVC Bureau Veritas Certification David Selmes
DNV UK Det Norske Veritas Douglas Milne
LRQA Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Graham Bettiss
NSAI National Standards Authority Ireland Julianne Barnwell