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Regulatory agencies (Home pages, which will lead to more links)

European Medicines Agency – EMA

US Food and Drug Administration – FDA

Heads of Medicines Agencies – HMA

Medicines and Healthcare and products Regulatory Agency – MHRA

Industry Associations

Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry – ABPI

European Fine Chemicals Group – EFCG

European Association of Chemical Distributors – FECC

International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council – IPEC

International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium on Regulatory & Science – IPAC-RS

Proprietary Association of Great Britain – PAGB


Lif (Denmark)

The Finnish Pharmaceutical Industry Federation 

Manufacturers Association of Israel 

Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Pharmaceutical Forum

Pharmweb Forum

Click here for the best Forum available for discussion of Pharmaceutical Quality and other matters.
Members of PQG can get a reduced subscription to GMP Review, which is published by the supporters of Pharmweb Forum by contacting them on and quoting your PQG membership number and the PQG website.

Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

European GMP Guide

Excipact – Excipient GMP standard and certification scheme

International Sites

Europe – DG III-E-3. Eudralex

Europe – Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ)

International Conference on Harmonisation – ICH

Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention – PIC/S

OECD GLP Regulations

World Health Organization – WHO


British Pharmacopoeia – BP

European Pharmacopoeia – Ph Eur or EP

US Pharmacopoeia – USP

Professional Societies

British Association of Research Quality Assurance – BARQA

Chartered Quality Institute – CQI      Location-CQI

European Industrial Pharmacists Group – EIPG

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations – EFPIA

FIP (Industrial Pharmacy Section) – IPS

Institute of Validation Technology- IVT

International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering – ISPE

Pharmaceutical Microbiology – PharMig

The Parenteral and Healthcare Sciences Society

Parenteral Drug Association – PDA

Regulatory Affairs Professional Society – RAPS

The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs – TOPRA

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain – RPSGB

The Royal Society of Chemistry – RSC or Chem Soc

Qualified Person (QP) Training Courses

University of Brighton

NSF-DBA (previously David Begg Associates)