Final four chapters of ECA/PQG GDP guideline published

I am delighted to inform you that, following much hard work by authoring and editorial teams, the final four chapters of the ECA/PQG GDP Guideline are now available for download free of charge from the PQG Shop.
These are:
Chapter 3 – Premises and Equipment
Chapter 4 – Documentation
Chapter 8 – Self-inspection
Chapter 10 – Brokers

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with this project since it started in 2013. The authoring team members are too many to call out here, but all are acknowledged in the Preface to the specific chapters that they were involved with. I would particularly like to thank my fellow editors Afshin Hosseiny and Ashley McCraight for their wisdom and energy throughout the process.

Having now published all ten chapters individually, the next task is to bring these together into a single volume to be made available as either a download or for print on demand (which will have a cost associated with it). The creation of a single volume provides the opportunity for revisions to be made so, if you have any comments on any of the chapters, please let me know using the email address.

Kind regards,
Phil Butson
PQG Webmaster and GDP guideline editorial team member

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