Qualified Persons

PQG has large number of Qualified Persons as Members, partly because some of the founder Members were employed in jobs and became QPs when the regulations first required them.  In addition, PQG Members identified the need for training courses for people wanting to become QPs (Trainee QPs) and also have provided opportunities for ongoing training for both QPs and Trainees QPs.

Many QPs have joined PQG after following these courses or coming to our training events.

The PQG actively supports and encourages both Trainee QPs, who are embarking on their training to become a QP, and active QPs throughout their working lives.  A member of the Committee is dedicated to organising Trainee QP events and several other Committee members take an active role organising formal training courses and site visits for both Trainee and Qualified QPs to help you meet the challenges of being a QP in today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.

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Trainee and Recently Qualified QPs

The PQG organises  two seminars per year for Trainee and recently qualified QPs in Spring and Autumn.  The second event of the year is normally hosted at a manufacturing site within the UK and offers delegates the opportunity to tour a facility and gain insight into dosage forms or, manufacturing techniques that they may not have experienced previously.

As well as detailing the requirements and processes that are part of becoming a QP, the seminars cover industry “Hot Topics”, trends and Regulatory updates as well as interactive workshops.

They provide an ideal forum for discussion, an excellent opportunity to network with other QPs and they will count towards Continued Professional Development (CPD), an essential part of being a QP.

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Experienced QPs

Since 1998, the PQG have run a very successful, and well attended, annual discussion meeting for Members, experienced QPs and other professionals with an interest in pharmaceutical quality will find them useful.

One event each  year is an open discussion meeting with a representative from the MHRA Medicines Inspectorate.  Many ‘hot-topics’ have been discussed over time and all attendees have agreed that these meetings are extremely useful for networking and to be able to discuss common issues with other professionals and with a Medicines Inspector in a non stressed environment.  For the last few years, the questions and answers are published on our website and they are available to Members of PQG only in the Member’s area.

The PQG also organise seminars on current industry trends, developments and Hot-Topics and organise site visits which both QPs and Quality Professionals find beneficial.

Details of all these events can be found on the “Events” page of this website or by clicking this link.

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Professional Bodies

The PQG work closely with the Professional Bodies, QP Training Organisations, and Industry.

More information about training to become a QP, the QP Role and the application process can be found below:

The Society of Biology   http://www.societyofbiology.org
The Royal Society of Chemistry   http://www.rsc.org
Royal Pharmaceutical Society   http://www.rpharms.com

QP Training  Organisations

Inspired Pharma Training   http://www.inspiredpharma.com/
NSF Pharma Biotech   http://www.nsfpharmabiotech.org
RSSL   http://www.rssl.com
QP Quandary Ltd   http://www.QPQuandary.co.uk
The University of Brighton   http://courses.brighton.ac.uk/