“Being a great QP Sponsor” – virtual event

The PQG and QPQuandary’s evening virtual event “Being a great QP Sponsor” was held on May
30th. This was the first event specifically aimed at QPs acting as a Sponsor for a trainee QP or
considering becoming a Sponsor.
Alex Hall and Tanya Agombar (QPQuandary) gave an overview of the process and based on their
extensive experience, shared extremely useful advice on how to: plan for success, give constructive feedback and prepare the trainee for the assessment.
Every participant actively interacted during the event: we all shared the challenges in fitting the
Sponsor role with our day-to-day work, but we unanimously agreed how the reward in sponsoring a future QP is worth all the efforts.
Many thanks to Alex, Tanya (QPQ) and Mick Stuart, Romina, Sarah (PQG) who organised this event.
Also special thanks to all the participants for their positive feedback and high level of engagement.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next events: