Membership is open to persons employed within, or by, the pharmaceutical industry.  It is also open to persons in regulatory authorities, academia, consultancy, or other industries who supply, or are related to, the pharmaceutical industry.  In all cases, you should have a professional interest in pharmaceutical quality management.

  • If you are a current member of CQI, or a MHRA Inspector, you are entitled to free membership of the PQG.
  • All applications for membership are via the on-line Membership Application Form. 
  • The annual fee for membership is currently £17.50, which you will pay (unless exempt) by credit/debit card using our online payment facility through Worldpay.
  • The Committee reserve the right to reject an application for membership if a majority of two thirds oppose it.
  • Please use the Membership Application Form, or the Membership Application Form tab in the menu.

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