ECA PQG-GDP-guideline  Chapter 8 - Self-inspection

PQG have joined forces with the European Compliance Academy to create guidance on the interpretation and implementation of the new European GDP guideline, which came into effect on 08-Sep-2013. The end aim is to produce an update to Monograph 4 on Pharmaceutical Distribution. However, for expediency, we are releasing individual chapters as they become available. This is the seventh document to be made available.

NOTE: There are three example files associated with this chapter which are also available via the PQG shop: An outline SOP template, an example checklist and an example aide memoire.

In addition to making the material available to you more quickly, this approach enables us to collect feedback and enhance the material before issuing a complete guide. So, please do take the time to feedback to us on what works best for you, the user, via the email address.

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