Annex 16 Complex Supply Chain – virtual event

Another successful PQG evening virtual event for Trainee QPs was held on June 26th using Zoom and its breakout rooms functionality to enable effective discussions.

Mick Stuart (Contract QP and RP/RPi) presented an Overview on Annex 16, including QP Roles & Responsibilities” promoting an interesting and engaging Q&A session – especially on sampling and testing upon importation and the current and future supply requirements for Northern Ireland.

The trainee QPs were then split into 8 small virtual groups to practice Viva type questions based on complex supply chains. Everyone had the opportunity to practice their thought processes, share their experiences, discuss actions, agree next steps and verbalise their answers.

As usual, presentations are available on the PQG website members area.

Many thanks to Mick and the PQG committee members who organised this event. Also special thanks to the attendees for their engagement and positive feedback.