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The PQG started writing a series of monographs in 1983, with the encouragement of the MHRA, to augment the official Guides to GMP. Since then, thirteen monographs have been produced, of which ten are currently available.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is complex and details of practices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, whilst remaining within the principles of GMP. PQG monographs are written by our members, who are skilled and experienced professionals within their own fields of interest and activity. They provide a collection of contemporary experience, which is intended to be of assistance to the Pharmaceutical Industry generally. They give a wide practical background and understanding to Good Manufacturing Practice (and other GXPs), Quality Assurance, special topics and may be used for training and development of quality in our industry.

These monographs stress the underlying principles relating to premises, personnel, practices and processes encompassed by an orderly system of working and documentary procedures. They will be of particular interest to management and supervisory personnel engaged in the manufacture and supply of medicines, especially where they are involved in the training and education of staff.


Although the regulatory authorities publish GMP standards for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, they do not publish equivalent standards that can be used by suppliers of packaging materials and excipents. PQG has worked with industry experts to produce two internationally recognised standards for suppliers of these materials to the pharmaceutical industry. These standards provide the base of the PQG certification scheme for suppliers to indicate to industry that they meet industry needs and are able to use a numbered PQG Certified Supplier Logo on their stationery.

PQG is also working with other professional groups in the field of new standards for Excipients to fill a gap in regulatory requirements for standards that will aslo reduce the work load on industry and suppliers at the same time.


PQG provides some published guidelines, which provide guidance on how to apply and otherwise use PQG and other GMP standards.

Many of the standards and other documents developed and produced by PQG are going to be made available free of charge to download for personal use only.

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