Although the regulatory authorities publish GMP standards for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, they do not publish equivalent standards that can be used by suppliers of packaging materials and excipents.

PQG has worked with industry experts to produce internationally recognised standards for suppliers of these materials to the pharmaceutical industry. PQG provide a certification scheme for suppliers to demonstrate that they meet industry needs through conformance with PQG PS 9000:2011. PQG certified suppliers are able to use a numbered PQG Certified Supplier Logo on their stationery. For details see Certified Supplier Scheme .

PQG has also worked with other professional groups to produce the new Excipact standard for GMP for Pharmaceutical Excipients. Excipact has filled a gap in regulatory requirements for standards and it will also reduce the work load on industry and suppliers at the same time.

The Excipact standard is only available free from this link Excipact Standard download location

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